How COVID-19 has already changed my life

//How COVID-19 has already changed my life

How COVID-19 has already changed my life

I wanted to share with you a funny story that happened to me the other day during this COVID craziness. I ordered my online groceries like I have been the past few months from Costco. Believe it or not, I haven’t actually gone into the grocery store since March! I had literally gone through everything in my house from my pantry to the bottom of my freezer. It is interesting to see how much food you actually have hidden. I was eating things I didn’t even know I had! I am a one-person household so my food goes a long way, which probably isn’t the case for most of you.

So I ordered online, using Instacart, where you pay someone to do the grocery shopping for you. I was shocked by how expensive it is, there are so many fees and the $18 tip. What was even more shocking was that it took two weeks for me to get my delivery. 

 I noticed my phone started going crazy and I got all these notifications from “Craig” who was doing my grocery shopping. Nothing I had ordered was available, he was replacing everything. I had even chosen an early more Saturday delivery so the grocery store would be fully stocked. I didn’t get my normal almond milk or even the basic things I am used to having in my house. 

The point of this is; we aren’t getting the familiar products we would normally have in this crazy time. The products we want are either out or the grocery store isn’t carrying them anymore. I even noticed on Amazon I went to order something for my grandbaby’s birthday and it was 2-week delivery time, and I am a “prime member.” I am used to everything being shipped the next day, but now its two weeks! One thing I ordered was even longer at a 4-week delay. 

 These are just some things that I have noticed during this time that are just different. The stuff we normally have at our fingertips is now a luxury, such as toilet paper, who would have ever thought?

 I would love to know what has been different for you during COVID-19 and how your life has already changed. I hope you are staying safe, staying home when possible, and creatively productive during this crazy COVID time.

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