How to manage your health during COVID-19

//How to manage your health during COVID-19

How to manage your health during COVID-19

I am going to confess and be a little transparent here.

In February, I was self-isolating and certainly not for the virus but for some emotional issues I was dealing with some personal issues in my life, causing me not to feel the best. I didn’t want to go out of the house. I even had a little bit of depression and grief, causing me to just want to stay home. March came and the whole virus thing started blowing up and I was forced to stay home with even more isolation. The result of the last two months now is weight gain, mental sadness, a dip in confidence and confusion. I was binge-watching TV and movies, wasting time and even negative thinking which isn’t like me. So I decided it was time to use my Super Power: Self Discipline and get a grip. I have the opportunity to have a new outlook, I am going to make some changes. If you are struggling too, I hope this helps you.

I have done the research, watched youtube videos and here are some things I came up with to be doing. One, we have to keep our stress levels down. We can do this through prayer or gratitude channeling. We need to constantly be reminding ourselves of what we are thankful for and I know that may sound silly but it is real. Our brain is sending signals to our body that is telling us we are not well, which is making us physically sick and we may over-eat.

The first book that I wrote, Beauty Inside Out, goes over journaling your food, activity, hormones, moods, etc. I am starting to write down what I am eating.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. EATING WINDOW & WATER: Take an 8-hour window and eat during these times only and write down exactly what you are eating. A good tip is to drink a glass of water before a meal, don’t buy junk food, just don’t do it! I am an emotional eater, if it’s not available, I won’t eat it. Journaling what you are eating and how you are feeling really helps you understand your own body cycle and hormones as well.
  2. KEEP MOVING: If you are binge-watching TV, change it up a little bit. If you watch 5 episodes they are about 40 or so minutes long, get up after each episode. A lot of us are home watching a lot of TV and that is okay but get up after a movie or show and move for 5 minutes. If you watched 5 episodes, that is 25 minutes of moving your body. My Fitbit is reminding me to get up and move, hold yourself accountable in your household. If you have someone in your household tell them we are going to move our bodies for 5 minutes, I know this sounds silly but this will make a difference. If you can go in the backyard, go on a walk, or if you have a  home gym do that as well. Moving is going to cause a great exchange in your brain when you get your body moving, a top thing to do when your grieving is to move. Purposely throughout the day, move. I am at my desk all day and I am so grateful to be able to work from home, but I need to stand up and move. I will be doing my zoom calls and I will stand up and I will sway back and forth. Just moving so I am not just sitting for hours and hours on end. I probably gained an extra 7-8 pounds, I know that will come off when I start moving.
  3. ADD SHAKES: I am also going to be adding shakes to my daily routine, instead of snacking and eating meals. I am going to keep my meals small and have shakes as well. There are a ton of great recipes for water, almond milk, cinnamon, banana, and avocado to just name a few.
  4. GRATITUDE JOURNAL: Keep a list or a journal of things you are grateful for . Go beyond the usual things and get very detailed.  You should be reviewing these in the morning and night and perhaps the little moments in the day. Get your perspective looking UP.

Adding shakes in, keeping my body moving and being grateful, giving myself some grace, is what I will be doing during this time. I am always taking my supplements as well for my immune system and wellness. An essential oil diffuser is critical to be breathing in the wonderful oils for your body. Air out your house, open windows so you’re not sealed into the same air all the time. Set up zoom calls and spend time with your family. I talked to my family for hours the other night just playing games and had a great time. I wish you the best, God bless you.

You are amazing, and this too shall pass.

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