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Trixie is a certified Speaker & Coach, mentored by John C. Maxwell.

Her energy is contagious and her passion for others is obvious.

She has been a corporate trainer in business for over 20 years.

Entrepreneur and business owner she has joined the elite Millionaire club and shows others how to do the same.

Mother of three grown children and now grand babies, she understands the fine art balancing it all. With the experiences of juggling schedules, building businesses, volunteering, caring for her family and still making time to be sure she is her personal best.

Trixie has served in Women’s Ministries by leading studies, retreats, small groups, workshops, and personal counseling.

These experiences have built her expertise in a wide variety of arenas. She specializes in many topics including but not limited to:

Trixie’s Expertise & Specialties:

  • Perform At Your Personal Best

  • Weight Loss & Optimal Health

  • Developing Authentic Confidence In Speaking

  • Warming Up Your Cold Market

  • The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

  • Go For No Training On Sales Resistance

  • Failing Forward

  • Freedom Through Forgiveness

  • Grief Recovery Specialist

  • Strengthen Relationships

  • Love Languages & Embracing Gender Differences

  • Personality & Strength Tests

  • Leadership Development

  • Positive Thinking And Programming Your Brain For Success

  • Emotional Intelligence

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