//Tattle-Tale Hero

Tattle-Tale Hero

Do you remember how it was bad to be viewed as a Tattle-tale?

Why was it bad? The Tattle-tale told the truth about someone’s bad behavior. Instead of focusing on the bad behavior and the consequences, the focus was on the “Snitch” or the “Rat.”

I remember being young and walking down the street to my cousins to play. I stopped at a neighbor’s driveway because I heard shouting and crying. I looked in the garage and saw the Dad hitting the Mom. There was a young child standing by crying. He hit the woman repeatedly and I remember, to this day, exactly how I felt. I knew immediately it was wrong and I was afraid. I ran home and called the police and told them what I saw. I begged them not to tell anyone that I was the Tattle-tale. Later, I saw the police cars out front and there was something going on. The neighbors were gathered down the road trying to figure out what happened and who called the police. I remember thinking, why do they keep asking who called the police; they should be asking “what happened?” Why did that Dad hit the Mom? What consequences will happen to that Dad for his bad behavior? Did he hit the kids too?

I don’t think a Tattle-tale is a rat or a snitch, I think if people do not want to be told on, they should behave better.

Why do we keep people’s dark secrets?

Why is there an elephant in the room when some know of bad behavior but act as if it does not exist?

When did we stop telling the truth and start ignoring things we should face?

Do you speak up?

I am renaming the Tattle Tale “Hero.”