When you are having “one of those days”

//When you are having “one of those days”

When you are having “one of those days”

Have you ever had a day where you got out of bed and you think its going to be “one of those days.”

You stub your foot on the bed, you accidentally scratch your nose, it is looking like a bad day. I just want you to know you are set your own tone for each day. Just because you have a few bad things happen in a row, doesn’t mean that’s the way the whole day is going to go. You create that. I want you to think about what happens in a vibration, energy, frequency whatever word you want to use to describe this.

I have a friend who cut an apple who put half of it on one jar, and the other half in another jar. She wrote the word love on one jar and hate on the other jar and let them sit for a period of time and went back. One apple that had love looked normal, the other one that had hate was rotten. Some of you will say “you are joking,” but I am not. There is something to be said about that. You can choose to do that with your plants, you talk to your plants, you sing to your plants, your plants are going to thrive. You talk nasty to your plant, it’s going to die. It is interesting when you are at a certain frequency level, you actually attract things into your life that are calibrating at that same energy level.

If I go to the store and I look for my parking spot, I know I am going to find it. I will find a good parking spot when my intention is to do so. I promise, ask my friends and my family. It is a thing, you can create this type of environment for everywhere you go. It is your choice, it is in your thoughts and it is in your feelings. 

So I asked a group of people in my business group a question. What should you do if you have a bunch of bad things happen to you back to back? I loved their responses, one of them said just start laughing. Laughing just raises your energy level, that is a good one. Another one said talk positively to yourself, don’t let any negativity in your thoughts or feelings. Another one said just say what you are grateful for, this will fill your heart with gratefulness generating love. When you start to feel any gloom or bad things, you get to choose what happens next. You get to choose what you attract. Choose well, choose love.

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