Am I A Duck Or A Swan?

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Am I A Duck Or A Swan?

The Swan’s best friend, Mr. Donkey, has told her she is a Duck for most of her life. The Swan believes she is a Duck…but a DREAM inside her tells her she is more.

The Swan wanders off and is away from Mr. Donkey for a year.
She looks at her reflection and sees a Duck.

She hears Mr. Donkey’s words, they still carry power.
When he was angry, he told her no one loves Ducks.
He told her she was not a smart Duck, and certainly not a lucky Duck.
Mr. Donkey made the point that only he would ever put up with her duckiness, she would not fit in anywhere else.

Her DREAM pushed her forward.
She was lonely, but determined to be the best duck ever.

She met a cow, a horse and a wise old owl…they all treated her well and told her she was a loving, beautiful Swan. How can this be?

How is she to ever discover she is truly a Swan?