Excessive Selfie’s & Sexy Posts On Social Media

//Excessive Selfie’s & Sexy Posts On Social Media

Excessive Selfie’s & Sexy Posts On Social Media

There is a time for gentle correction of each other through truth and love…but it is not always easy and may come off as judgment with those we are in relationship with.

So I am an outside resource that may be able to help you navigate the waters of self-awareness and self-correction.

This isn’t about pointing out someone’s faults, when we ourselves are full of flaws.

We are not to judge one another, but we are to make judgements on behavior, self-adjust and have healthy personal boundaries.

I don’t pay attention to crazy media and made up stories of Hollywood, frankly I don’t care.

This is more in regards to self conduct and how we model our behavior to others.

I saw a post today that has moved me to reflect.

Some people pay a lot of attention to Kim Kardashian posts – she posts many selfies of herself and recently a nude one.

Now, another somewhat famous person, Sharon Osbourne and others have done the same, saying they are now “liberated.”

This isn’t about liberation, this is about a desperate need to get attention, and although I do not care for labels this is a symptom of either extreme insecurity or narcissism. Narcissism is a tricky mental condition. We all are born with the self-centered perspective but as we mature and grow personally we become self aware and grow out of it for the most part. Narcissists do not, they go deeper. They feed their insecurities through this narrow, one way thinking and are usually so self absorbed they cannot conceive any other way to think. Most narcissists will not change because they don’t care about personal growth from within and they wont agree that they need help.

So let’s focus on the topic of deep insecurities and one way they can show up.

I think it is a great practice to follow the training of bankers. Bankers do not study the counterfeit, they study the real thing so when a counterfeit comes along they recognize it immediately. I practice this in my faith as well. I study the word of God so the enemy sticks out like a sore thumb. So with that said, if women learned what healthy confidence is, studied and practiced it, they would know the counterfeit when they see or hear it. Self confidence comes in defining who you desire to be and then taking that to the next level of authentic confidence. Authentic confidence comes from knowing deeply who you are.

A liberated strong woman does not need to pose nude, post daily pictures of her body, or show some form of sexuality to get comments and likes. Second of all, a liberated, strong woman respects the relationship with herself. She is also able to honor with the love and integrity the relationship with her current or future partner. Third, a liberated, strong woman knows she is a role model to other women, children and anyone she comes in contact with.

There is nothing wrong in celebrating weight loss, but some of the pictures to do so on public display are screaming insecurities. Consider what makes you feel validated, perhaps a deep look within to see what you are missing, is the real need.

If you find offense with this post, save your hate mail.

Stop for a minute and reflect on what exactly it is that is bothering you.

I guarantee it has nothing to do with me.

So stop your mind from being upset with me for a moment and look within yourself.

Do a self-check this is where personal growth plants a seed and starts to grow.

In my opinion, it’s liberating to put your head on the pillow each night and answer to God.

Did my words and actions today glorify you, Father? If not…self correct.

Here is to your most Authentic Self!