What do our dreams mean?

//What do our dreams mean?

What do our dreams mean?

Can we get messages about our life from them? Maybe we need to pay attention?

Back in the old days, when kings would have dreams they would have prophets interpret their dreams as they were messages from God. Your subconscious and conscious work together to help you in your life. 

My life, my dreams, usually mean absolutely nothing and are nonsense. I sometimes don’t remember anything. Years ago I started studying dreams and would journal my dreams to keep track. This fell off to the wayside but I feel like God has started speaking to me during day dreams recently. I daydream and visualize things when I am running. I would have very vivid visions of different things in my life. I would think about different things during the day, and at night I would resolved them. I would wake up just having answers.

Before I moved to Austin, Texas I was studying the map and looking at where I wanted to live. I went to bed one night and I woke up from a dream and wrote down the word, Teravista. I thought wow, what if that is God talking to me? So I looked it and up and it actually turned out to be a Community in the city that I would later move to. The reason it was so profound to me is because in the word, I could see my birth-name, Teresa. TERaviStA. I looked at that and just knew I was moving to that area. I had only spent 48 hours there and knew that is where I was supposed to live.

I had the craziest dream, a week ago, I dreamt something was in my nose and I started pulling out a snail. I remember exactly what the snail looked like and everything. I didn’t write it down, I just remembered it. I was so curious about this snail that I went on google and searched what snails mean in your dream. It means that areas in your life are slow moving together and I will accept whatever development that is coming. The snail represents self control and patience. It also says you need a plan of action and take that with caution. What does this all mean?

Well, lately I have been obsessed with reconfiguring my business and things I can do better with it. I feel like the snail was a sign for how I should be moving with my business. I mean God told me where to live, he can of course tell me how to proceed with my business.

I wanted to talk about this because it is important to listen to what is around us, and what our dreams are trying to tell us. I suggest having a notepad by your bed and write down what your dream was about when you wake up. Different things in you dream signify different things, such as; floating, flying, sinking, etc.

Pay attention to your dreams at night and dream on!

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