OCD vs. OCG ~ Do You Ever Obsess?

//OCD vs. OCG ~ Do You Ever Obsess?

OCD vs. OCG ~ Do You Ever Obsess?

I recognized at a young age that I was different. I liked things a certain, actually I felt I needed things to be a certain way. I cleaned my room in an orderly fashion and everything had its place and I knew the moment it was out of place. I also took small tasks and tried to figure out the most efficient way of doing things cutting corners on time but not quality. My dad would have me stuff envelopes and then stamp them. I set up a system to go as fast as possible because I was paid by the envelope. When I decided to do something I got laser focused and was sure to get it done. I am not a procrastinator; I would work to get things done before the deadline, and do more than what was asked. If I borrowed something from someone I returned it in a better condition than when I received it if possible. If I am at a public place, I try to leave it better than when I arrived. So sometimes I am wiping things up in the restrooms or picking up someone else’s garbage. I make lists, and like files for things and I make my bed most days. If I needed to lose some weight, I became crazy focused working out daily and eating with total discipline until it was gone. If I had an idea of a way to make extra money, I thought about it all the time, planning on paper and consumed with thinking.

Some of my ways began to be labeled OCD. Yes, there was obsession involved with many things I did. However, when something is a disorder, it can work against you. I chose to make this unique way about me became a GIFT. So I started to become aware to how it served me and how it worked against me and I began to develop my God-given gift.

Today you will hear me proudly proclaim I have OCG. I use it to serve me and those around me in the most helpful way. If I find myself getting upset at someone because they are interrupting my world, I stop and ask myself “In the whole scope of things, is this a big deal or something so small I need to let go?” For an example if someone else puts away my dishes and all of my glasses are not facing the same direction. I will either change the glasses myself with a happy heart, or I will leave them and laugh at my ability to let go. My knobs in the kitchen are all horizontal and sometimes to be funny my kids will just turn then a bit and watch me respond. I also try to help those who spend time with me understand how I function. This can help most of the time. I have learned over the years to let more things go than not. I am hyper-sensitive to control. I resist it more than ever these days. Not just controlling behavior from others, but I do not like it in myself. I work very hard to stay aware of my own behavior, especially regarding my OCG. Those who love me do not use it against me, even in an argument; they know I work hard constantly to keep things in check.

The one way my gift really serves me is when it comes to getting a goal accomplished. I call this laser focus. When I trained for the title of Mrs. Minnesota, competed in body building, ran a marathon, started my own businesses, just to name a few. I don’t know how things would have turned out if it wasn’t for my OCG.

Today I want to encourage you to use your GIFTS ~ turn a negative to positive, flip a curse to a blessing, and use what God has given you to serve yourself better and in turn you will ultimately serve others to the absolute best of your ability.