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Beauty Shoppe

A beauty shop owner named Rose learned the meaning of “real beauty” from a stranger.  Her small town shop was in jeopardy of closing after 21 years of business.  The town around her began to grow and new salons and spas were taking her clients.  She did not know where the next rent payment was going to come from.  The familiar bell jingled as her front door opened.  A woman she had never seen before stepped into her shop.  She was tall and lean with long, golden curly locks of hair.  Her skin was smooth and clear looking soft and youthful.  Her eyes were bluer than the ocean, hiding wisdom and showing charm.  As she walked closer, it seemed like a light surrounded her.  It was some kind of an iridescent hue.  Rose immediately felt the warmth of her kind and gentle spirit.  The stranger smiled and asked Rose to trim her hair.  She gracefully sat in the chair near the window.

People were slowing down to get a look at her.  As the stranger began to speak, Rose felt like she had known her for years.  Who was this stranger that felt like an instant friend?  People were staring in the window, and now some were actually entering the store.  Rose mentioned that they seemed to be pulled in by her beauty.  The stranger told Rose that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It takes on different meanings to different people.  The seats were starting to fill in around her as she went on to share some examples.

Beauty to an infant could be the soothing sound of her mama’s voice.

To a premature baby, beauty could be the machines that keep him breathing.

Beauty to a toddler might be a scoop of ice cream topped with a cherry.

To a starving child, beauty might be a bowl of rice instead of dirt and rocks.

Beauty to a teenager may be the keys to the car.

To a homeless teen, beauty may be a warm bed to sleep in.

Beauty to a young businessman could be that first promotion.

To a soldier, beauty could be a quiet night of rest.

Beauty to a new mother might be her baby tightly grasping her finger.

To a single mom, beauty might be a support group that listens to her.

Beauty to a husband may be his wife greeting him at the door.

To a divorced dad, beauty may be a peaceful weekend with his kids.

Beauty to a married woman could be a neck rub from her beloved.

To a battered wife, beauty could be her drunken husband finally passing out.

Beauty to newlyweds might be escaping alone to a warm destination.

To a broken home, beauty might be a dinner shared around the same table.

Beauty to an elderly person may be looking through a photo album.

To a nursing home resident, beauty may be having a visitor.

At this point the store was crowded with people.  Every seat was taken and it was standing room only.  The stranger went on to explain that stepping outside your personal circumstances is where you find beauty in its real form.  Real beauty is recognizable no matter your age, race, religion, demographics, education, income, gender, career, upbringing, or social status.  The stranger looked around the room as if to ask “Do you get it yet?”  Real beauty is God.  When you choose to recognize God showing up in your life, you will understand that He is everywhere!  You have the ability to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel real beauty if you pay attention.

You will see Him when the sun rises and sets, in a rainbow, a glistening waterfall, thick snowflakes, when green leaves change to vibrant colors, and you will see Him as the sun’s rays penetrate through the clouds, beaming magnificent light.

You will hear Him in the chirping birds, roaring ocean waves, blowing trees, a thunderstorm, a barking dog, and you will hear Him in children’s laughter.  You will taste Him in rich milk chocolate, juicy strawberries, crunchy vegetables, moist chicken, refreshing spring water, and you will taste Him in your favorite ice cream.

You will smell Him in lilacs and roses, evergreens, driving by a pasture, a campfire, and you will smell Him on a newborn’s skin.  You will feel Him in a hug, rocking a baby, kissing your family, holding hands, touching a shoulder, and you will feel Him when you are scared.

Real beauty is undeniably God.  You have the privilege of experiencing real beauty by serving others, raising obedient children, staying married, reaching out to someone in need, doing random acts of kindness, giving others credit, positive self talk, showing unconditional respect, smiling often, listening more, putting others before yourself, doing the right thing when no one is looking, and giving all of the glory to God.

Real beauty is received only when accepted.  It can only be accepted when it is recognized.  It can only be recognized when “self” steps aside.  Real beauty is not only free for the taking, but free for the giving.  The more you give, the more you get.  Perhaps beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but real beauty is in the heart of the believer.  Believe in miracles, healing, grace, forgiveness, a Savior, courage, love, hope, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, strength, heaven, and eternity.  Believe in real beauty and your cup will overflow!

As the stranger got up to leave, she touched a few shoulders of her listeners, as if to bless them.  Then she hugged Rose with a tender embrace.   She softly whispered in her ear, “Real beauty is now with you – never to leave you or forsake you.”  As the stranger disappeared out the door, the attention turned to Rose.  She had a glorious hue around her.  After the people had finally filtered out of her shop, Rose went back to the chair to sweep up the golden locks.  There was not one piece of hair around the chair.  Bewildered, she turned towards the door; the tip jar caught her attention.  This tip jar rarely had a coin or two in it, and now it was full.  Next to it was a beautiful white rose.  She ran to the jar and spilled it onto the old ragged rug.  On her hands and knees, she counted every piece of money.  She sat back as tears streamed down her cheeks.  It was the exact amount she needed for her rent, right down to the last coin.  She remembered what the stranger had said and she lifted her tear-filled eyes, raised her arms, and gave joy-filled thanks.

Those folks that had visited her shop that day continued to come back.  They brought family and friends.  Rose had to hire more help and rent was never a concern again.  If you pass by her shop today, you will see one single white rose in the window and a simple sign that reads: “Enter here for Real Beauty.”